Scampoli Fireworks judges in upcoming big competitions

We are proud to announce that the founder and the co-founder of Scampoli Fireworks have been invited by various competitions and festivals organizers to participate as judges.

We have accepted with pleasure almost all the invitations and for the moment we can officially communicate our participation in two of the events that will take place in the future.

We are grateful to the different people that asked us to work with them, and as we always did in all the other competitions where we worked as judges, we will carry out our task seriously and impartially.

We wish good luck to all those who want to get involved in these two good competitions and all future ones where we too will participate, as judges or competitors.

If you want check where we worked already and where we participated as competitors, click here.

And if you want work with us on something, contact us.

Lorenzo Scampoli, the founder of Scampoli Fireworks

Sarah Huang, the co-founder of Scampoli Fireworks

The Scampoli Fireworks staff.