Here is the winner of the Int. FWsim Pyrodesign Competition! – THE INTERVIEW

The first edition of the International FWsim Pyrodesign Competition, organized by Zulu Pyro, the fireworks simulations leading company in the Philippines, has his winner!

On the 3rd place, we have Ziko Alimario with his fantastic show entitled “VYNL’S”.

On the 2nd place, we have the show “The Spartans War”, realized by our friend Christian Suva.

On the 1st place with have a surprise for you.

He already won our past 4th edition of the IDEA – FWsim Italian Championship, he did a big work for our competition, and today won also this first edition of the IFPC.

Congratulations to all the competitors and to Aldrien Jon Samala, who won two consecutive competitions! He is the first FWsim user who wins two consecutive different first places.

For our readers, we interviewed the first place winner, Aldrien.

Congratulations Aldrien, what are your feelings knowing that you won two first places in few months?

Well, when you join a competition, you expect nothing but victory knowing that you know to yourself that you did a great show. I mean, it’s my favorite show now of all the shows I did recently especially the finale part.

Do you know we really like your show? It’s fantastic!

Hahaha, I almost give up on that show. Good thing I love my theme, a big fan of that concert, I love my soundtrack so I decided to finish it!

After that, Aldrien said he is very shy: yeah, we know it! Haha.

Congratulations to all the competitors who decided to give their best also for this special competition.


Lorenzo Scampoli, the founder of Scampoli Fireworks

Sarah Huang, the co-founder of Scampoli Fireworks

The Scampoli Fireworks staff.