Rules of the FWsim/Finale3D Italian Competition 2020

Here the new rules of the competition. Please read carefully and contact us for any doubt.

Everyone can participate using FWsim or Finale 3D and creating only one show. We decided to create only one general ranking table, so, choose to use the software you really like.

The show must be pyromusical and must have a short mandatory soundtrack. Then you can download the mandatory soundtrack here, or using the button.

You can’t edit and cut the following mandatory track.

Competitors can use the mandatory track when they want. We suggest to use it with other similar songs.

The competitors have to create a story for their shows. Then, competitors will choose other songs. The musical choice will be evaluated.

The creation time starts symbolically on October 7 2020 (and not at October 17, as we planned some days ago) and will end on November 30 2020.

Since we want help you, giving more time, if you received the email before October 7 2020, you can start to design your show also before that day.

On October 7 2020, we will publish an opening show!

To compose the jury, we looked for important personalities in the world of real and virtual pyrotechnics, the jury is made up of various professionals in the sector.

From programming phase, to the actual execution of the show in real life.

We have involved then six high-level personalities, and we hope that the judgment will be objective and precise as possible.

We have italian judges, from the most famous country in the world in the pyrotechnic field, which made the basis of modern pyrotechnics, and from the Philippines, one of the best known countries for spectacular pyromusical choreographies, and for the creation of detailed effects.

The judges of this edition of the competition from Italy are:

Andrea Fersini (graphic designer, fireworks designer and founder of “il Fersini”);

Lorenzo Scampoli (software and websites developer, fireworks designer and founder of “Scampoli Fireworks – virtual shows”);

Francesco Pace (pyrotechnic expert and owner of “Pirotecnica Pace Costantino”);

Nicola Chiarappa (pyrotechnic expert and owner of “Piroluce S.r.l.”).

And from Philippines are:

Mac De Leon (junior design engineer, fireworks passionate and youtuber);

Aaron Michael Miguel (fireworks designer and founder of “Harmony Star Fireworks Simulations”).

The total duration of the videos including intros etc, must be between a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 minutes.

Shows that do not respect the duration will not be evaluated.
There are no limitations on the amount of effects but we recommend not to overdo it.

The maximum caliber of the shells is 250 mm. If this caliber is exceeded, the shows will be expelled from the competition.

Please note that 3D models of any kind, smoke, cranes, platforms and camera movements are not allowed.

The competitor creates also the FWsim/Finale3D format with the firing positions and fronts. The effects can only be placed in the ground. Firing positions “in the air” or “on cranes” are not allowed.

The show must be uploaded to Google Drive (you must upload the video on Google Drive to be evaluated) and send it using the Google Form you can find in the main page of the competition in this website from the start of the creation time, with the link of your video, and no later than 11.59pm of 30 November 2020 (time in Italy). You can publish the video also on other website, but you must send the Google Drive link to us.

If you don’t have a Google account yet, please go here.

After the end of the creation time, some judges will react to your show directly in live video. It’s the first time ever a virtual fireworks competitions has the judges real time live video reaction!

But please note that only if the jury, made up of people from different countries, is available, we’ll organize the real time video reaction. Otherwise, we will only publish the results and organize an alternative big virtual ceremony.

After the 30 November 2020, the judges will have 14 days to send their tables. If a judge doesn’t send his tables until the 14th day, without a valid reason, his results will be excluded from the competition.

All participants will receive a judgment that will be published together with the ranking tables (you can view the table model already).

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

The winner will also receive the winning certificate.

The winning show will be promoted in this website and the winner will receive 2 FWsim effects who he likes from Lorenzo Scampoli (Scampoli Fireworks).

Plus, the winner, will have the chance to be part of the jury the next year!

Aaron Michael Miguel will do a fantastic closing exhibition for after the publication of the results! Don’t forget it!

If you have any doubt, suggestion, or if you need help, we activated our Help Desk.

Please contact us using our official channels!

The management of this competition has been entrusted to the staff of Scampoli Fireworks, who organized this special edition.


The Jury