Official results of the FWsim & Finale3D Italian Competition 2020

Welcome on board!

We are happy to present the official results of this fourth edition of the FWsim & Finale3D Italian Competition.
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This year we received a huge number of wonderful shows, many of them unfortunately did not respect the rules, and were disqualified, we thank everyone for the effort, even those who could not actually participate in the competition.

The shows actually competing are 18, a sharp increase compared to other years, a sign that this year’s improved organization has given a good result.

The jury, made up of six personalities established for years in the world of pyrotechnics, watched all the shows for several hours, there were moments of difficulty, it is often not easy to choose a winner, especially when all the shows are of a high level.

The jury was impressed by several talents, the winners truly captivated everyone with their shows and breathtaking soundtracks.

We are proud to have had the best competitors we could wish for, and even if there is only one champion, we are grateful to everyone for participating.

In such a bad year, due to this pandemic, competitors have found anyway the strength and courage to give their best.

For this reason we believe that all the shows were of a very high standard, we did not expect it, we were really impressed.

We hope then that the results will be appreciated by all. However, we are available for all competitors who want to know where and how to improve their work; they can contact us anytime and we will be happy to give some ideas and suggestions.

We hope also that there will be no conflicts between competitors, envious people usually unfriend and discredit others, we hope that it will not happen, otherwise it will not matter anyway, since also good people are around.

Also, we did not have the need to promote a cash prize: for various reasons, including fiscal ones, this money transfer would not even be easy to do, and we do not need this type of “marketing” strategy. ?

We are very proud and happy to present to you the shows that have prevailed this year.

A show that we particularly liked, and gave us beautiful emotions, is the one by Christian Suva.
Not always very precise, but with choreography that particularly impressed us, and a good soundtrack, that allowed the filipino competitor to climb the rankings, and get a good result, as in the previous year.
Always a good show. Thanks and congratulations, he reached a deserved third place with an average great score of 94.5 / 100.

A show that particularly struck us positively, with one of the most beautiful soundtracks we ever heard in this competition, is the one by Iaron Monge from the Philippines.
Precise especially during the second part, very awesome, realistic and colorful choreography allowed the competitor to reach a good and deserved second place. We know you really wish the first place, but we are really sure you will reach it next time, you have all the skills to do it, just be more motivated. Unfortunately, there is only a first place, but for us it is as if you are first too, you came really close from the maximum score and we are really happy to watch your fantastic display.
Thanks and congratulations, the average score is 95.0 / 100.
A great show. Woah!

Before awarding our champion of this fourth edition, we have a special award for two competitors.

The award does not impact the final ranking, but it is still a positive recognition that we hope will be appreciated.
This year we also award two designer for the best realism in the show. Even if these are simulations, often realism is a detail that should not be underestimated.

For this reason, the most realistic shows, in the opinion of the jury, are the ones by Andrea Galvano from Italy and Tyler Wiesmann from the United States. Congratulations and thank you for these very realistic shows that are also our favorites besides the first ones. We think you will have succes in the field of the real fireworks shows. You are also very creative and professional. You know how to create emotions without overdo with the effects.

It is time to reward the first classified, but first it is necessary to thank all those who took part in this initiative.
First of all all the competitors, who really gave their best.

Thanks to all our competitors:

Josué Beauregard, Cole Djunikitty Mac, Alessandro Piras, Christian Suva, Cesar Adrian Romero, Iaron Lloyd Tan Monge, Andrea Galvano, Jose Miguel Elias Gallegos, Gabriel Metzker, Stephan Gerding, Aldrien Jon Samala, Juul Van Hulst, Katie Hammond, Tyler Wiesmann, Paire Mathieu, Ralph Rainell Estrella, Juul van Hulst, Lukas Šeštokas.

We thank the technical staff of Scampoli Fireworks, the founders and developers of FWsim Fireworks Simulator and Finale 3D Fireworks, who supported our competition by cooperating loyally.

The most important thanks goes to our judges, who have really struggled this year to choose the best shows.

So thanks to our judges:

Andrea Fersini (graphic designer, fireworks designer and founder of “il Fersini”);

Lorenzo Scampoli (software and websites developer, fireworks designer and founder of “Scampoli Fireworks – virtual shows”);

Francesco Pace (pyrotechnic expert and owner of “Pirotecnica Pace Costantino”);

Nicola Chiarappa (pyrotechnic expert and owner of “Piroluce S.r.l.”).

Mac De Leon (junior design engineer, fireworks passionate and youtuber);

Aaron Michael Miguel (fireworks designer and founder of “Harmony Star Fireworks Simulations”).

We are ready to introduce you our great champion.

He did not make all the judges agree in the same way, in fact only a judge of the jury awarded him the first place (Mac De Leon), we discussed a lot about this shows (also arguing), but it is very humble, simple, exciting, explosive.
As defined by two of our judges, Nicola Chiarappa and Lorenzo Scampoli, the show contains a great mix of good music, wonderful effects, well-kept and detailed fireworks.
The colors are bright and very well-matched, and the overall effect is also really impressive. Some effects are also very loud at the final segment! Maybe this is one of the best shows we ever watched in the four editions of this competition.
We are proud to have found such a motivated and professional competitor (very shy though ?).
We know that he does not design pyromusical shows for work, but he made a really good job and we really love it.
We are really proud to know this motivated designer, we also hope to see more shows like this from him.
Do you agree?

Then, the official Champion of this fourth edition of the FWsim & Finale3D Italian Competition 2020, with a total of 96,2 / 100 points is…

ALDRIEN JON SAMALA, our favorite PyroImagineer this year, from the Philippines, with his show with the title “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

Congratulations! We hope to see you in the next edition.

We remember that the winner and anyone who joined the competition can contact us to reiceve certificates (attendance ones for any competitor and the top 3 winning certificates for the first 3 competitors in the final ranking table): email us and write your name, your surname and your nickname (if you have one), and send the link of your show.

Here we post also the complete ranking table, publicly visible, as a demonstration of our traditional transparency and impartiality.

Happy holidays to everyone and we will be really happy to see you in the next edition of the FWsim & Finale3D Italian Competition!

Goodluck. ❤

P.S: Thank you to anyone who worked with us for this improved edition, also who worked behind the scenes. See you next year.

Lorenzo Scampoli, the founder of Scampoli Fireworks

Sarah Huang, the co-founder of Scampoli Fireworks

The Jury

The Scampoli Fireworks staff.