FWsim/Finale3D Italian Championship 2020

Dear friends, also this year, Scampoli Fireworks organizes the fourth edition of the FWsim/Finale3D Italian Championship.
This year participation is also open to Finale3D users, and obviously also to FWsim users.
A jury of six personalities who have contributed to the promotion of real and simulated fireworks displays are ready to react to your talent.

The big update of this year is the big jury and the real time live reaction of the judges at your shows!

Registrations are open from August, until October 1st 2020, and it will be possible to create the show after October 7, and not after October 17, as we had previously decided.
This is because we have received many submissions from all over the world and many have asked us to extend the creation time.
We also made this decision to allow participants to have more time to create and give their best!
This competition, now in its fourth consecutive season (and the second Christmas edition), is a true meeting point for the community of FWsim and Finale3D users, and fireworks enthusiasts in general.
We are proud and grateful to host the most interesting, discussed and exciting virtual fireworks competition on the web.
The names of the judges will be released in a few hours, and the rules will be published on October 1st, to participate, you must register here, no later than October 1st.

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For any question or doubt, please contact us!

Thank you, and take care.