We are sure to know already some of your questions!

What do you do?

We take care of programming and creating 3D video simulations of fireworks show for any kind of event, according to your needs. In addition to the fireworks, we are also able to program DMX devices such as flames, cold fountains etc.

Can you also program the firework display to enter data into my firing system?

Of course, we can plan your show and take care of the addresses and provide you the file to be inserted directly into the master control unit of your firing system.

How much does a simulated firework display cost?

The cost mainly depends on the duration of the show, its intensity and the effects used. Each fireworks display is different from the others, for this reason, to get precise information, we recommend to contact us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by bank transfer.
An advance of 50% of the price will be required.