Virtual Fireworks Competitions Calendar

IDEA – FWsim Italian Championship 2021 (5th edition): the 5th edition of the most surprising virtual fireworks competition starts soon. Follow the official competition Facebook page and check the official website to receive all the updates about the event.

Choose us to promote your virtual fireworks competition for free to hundreds and hundres of users.

Contact us using our channels, sending: name of the event, the dates of start and publication of the results (if you are undecided about the dates, please tell it to us and we will write that the competition will start soon), the link of the website or the Facebook page. You can also send us a short description of the event, with a logo or anything you desire to promote.

After that, we will check your request, and in positive case we will contact you via email to inform you about the publication.

The updates will be atleast one time for week. Thanks!

Lorenzo Scampoli, the founder of Scampoli Fireworks

Sarah Huang, the co-founder of Scampoli Fireworks

The Scampoli Fireworks staff.