Aldrien Jon Samala wins the FWsim & Finale3D Italian Championship 2020

With a total score of 96,2 / 100 points, Aldrien Jon Samala, from the Philippines, wins this special edition of the FWsim & Finale3D Italian Championship. Watch the show.

In this particular year, it was important don’t lose hope for the future and to be motivated.

The champion, and also the others to be honest, have shown this year more than ever, that being happy and motivated is possible, even during times when it is difficult to see hope.

This edition of the competition is special, it is not just a funny challenge between colleagues, but a real demonstration of talent and motivation.

We are really proud of all the shows. Everyone has really given the best of himself.

In this case, the judges really struggled to choose the best of these shows, since the level was very high. Here we also published the results.

Mathematics came to the rescue, and through a calculation system we were finally able to find the winner of this edition.

Aldrien, you really love Christmas!

Best congratulations to Aldrien, Iaron, Christian, and to all the other competitors for giving us indescribable emotions.

We are waiting for you to send you your certificates, contact us and we will be happy to send them!

The winner can also contact us for his prizes.

Thanks, see you next year, and Merry Christmas everyone!

The winning show by Aldrien Jon Samala

Lorenzo Scampoli, the founder of Scampoli Fireworks

Sarah Huang, the co-founder of Scampoli Fireworks

The Jury

The Scampoli Fireworks staff.