45 competitors for the FWsim/Finale3D Italian Competition

We have received an unexpected volume of requests to participate and Scampoli Fireworks decided to do a selection of all the aspiring competitors.

Scampoli Fireworks has looked at and evaluated some of the previous works of some designers. All selected participants were contacted by email.

We have selected 45 designers, from 17 countries, from all those who have expressed their interest in the fourth edition of this competition.

There were 86 requests to participate (+3 too late) and we are happy to announce that this is the largest virtual fireworks competition ever organized on the web.

When you do something beautiful, there is always a return.

Good luck to all competitors then!
And an encouragement to never give up to all those who unfortunately, we have not selected.

Thank you to the FWsim and Finale3D developers.

They worked a lot with us for this virtual event.