Scampoli Fireworks is the Italy’s fireworks shows design leader company.

Welcome on board! Since 2015, we imagine pyromusical and traditional shows.

Scampoli Fireworks is founded by Lorenzo Scampoli and various collaborators.

This is the most competitive and organized italian company that designs and programs fireworks for any occasion: virtual, real, small or large.

Scampoli Fireworks makes a preview such a video and then the file you can insert in the fireworks firing system.

We can address also fireworks positions and DMX devices, like flames and lights.

We use audio editing software. Then we also take care of the music.

Then you will have the perfect soundtrack for your pyromusical show.

Scampoli Fireworks builds your dream show.

We made spectacular shows for a lot of virtual fireworks festivals. We won first and second places.

We are also organizing an exciting virtual fireworks competition!

Let’s celebrate these first five years of work!

Here you can watch one of our recent shows. Enjoy!